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Welcome to the future home of everything Marimekko. As we are busy building our Marimekko store, we will be adding content to this site: everything from Marimekko products to Marimekko designs ideas. Check back often for new postings and information on our new Marimekko website. For now, take a look at our Marimekko Blog.

Mod Marimekko Designs from Finland

Welcome to - The future home of everything Marimekko.

Marimekko Unikko Socks
Make a bold statement with these fun Marimekko Unikko Socks. These are sure to add a little life to any outfit!

Marimekko Ketunleipä Fabric
This soft, subdued fabric by artist Fujiwo Ishimoto is a representation of the sublime qualities of nature. A delicate pattern of lavender pansies really brings forth a calming effect. We could see this being used for great throw pillows. Coming soon to

Marimekko Huvitus Bag
The Marimekko Huvitus Bag is a fun accessory to store all of your everyday necessities. You can easily “pear” this bag with any wardrobe to make for fun, fresh new look. Coming soon to

Marimekko Onni
Onni is a small-scale version of Teresa Moorhouse's hit design Latvassa korkealla, which depicts a bird's-eye view of the world from the treetops. The fresh-green pattern is composed of photographic details and solid colour areas.

Marimekko Design Ideas
See how this couple incorporated Marimekko into the design of their "Rad Pad".

DEAN MARTIN AND FRANK SINATRA haven't been spotted in Sterling, Va., lately. But their Rat Packy, Vegas-wacky style lives on there in the master suite of Amanda and Josh Ramsden's two-bedroom, two-level condo. "The inspiration came from this cheesy old hotel ad I saw," said Amanda, 28, a library aide. "It had this loud print wallpaper and all this velvet. I loved it — I thought it looked tacky and cool at the same time." 

Marimekko Inspired Loft
"I call it my Marimekko-meets-camouflage wall," says Joseph Abbati, who conceived and painted all of the [wall] in his Jackson Street loft. "I like a little bit of kitsch so things aren't too pure, a bit of humor."

New Marimekko Fabric Design by Iiro A. Ahokas
Iiro A. Ahokas, an MA graduate from the department of ceramic and glass design of the University of Art and Design Helsinki, was awarded third prize in Marimekko's "Design, Meet the User!" competition. In his Turbulent design, abstract wave-like shapes composed of lines create an impression of movement caused by the wind. The kinetic feel is enhanced by the magnificent color combinations of the pattern.

This design will be available soon at!

Marimekko Spring 2007 Fabric - Stilla by Björn Dahlström
Björn Dahlström, who at the outset of his career focused on graphic design but today mainly concentrates on industrial design, is one of Scandinavia's most successful designers. With his finely crafted fabric patterns, he makes a return to the world of two-dimensional graphic design. The Ro and Stilla (pictured) fabrics bring to mind leaves that are blown by the wind, or that float on the surface of the water. In drawing the thin lines of the leafy patterns, Dahlström has employed the same computer program that he uses for furniture and other three-dimensional design work.

Marimekko design – The utmost of artistic and technical skill
Strong and distinctive product design is the cornerstone of Marimekko’s operations and corporate culture. The starting point for design is that each individual Marimekko product must earn its own design value and express Marimekko’s lifestyle concept. Alongside distinctive and individual design there is a stress on the functionality and practical aspects of the products. Design proceeds in close interaction with production, sales and marketing.

Whether well-known and recognized names or young promising talents at the beginning of their career, Marimekko’s designers are all among the leading figures in their field. Marimekko has always collaborated closely with students of design and young designers, a mutually beneficial relationship in which young designers can demonstrate their skills, while Marimekko gains new impulses and a feel for contemporary phenomena.

From sketch to printed fabric

Marimekko introduces dozens of new fabric designs each year. The progress of a new design from the sketches to the printed fabric begins with an exchange of ideas and concepts. The designer and the Marimekko interior textile team discuss in what form a design could function best and have the greatest appeal, what kind of soul it could have and in what context it could belong. Designers are not given any instructions or limitations beforehand. Instead, they are free to create and inject their own experiences and views of trends into the patterns. Marimekko’s collections thus achieve a varied and rich range of different worlds of patterns and colors.

The new fabric patterns originate from the creative ideas of the designer and each new fabric is primarily the result of its designer’s creative effort. The work, however, is not complete until the designer and the various professionals of the production process have jointly tested how the ideas function. The final appearance and spirit of the fabric emerge through co-operation with those making the stencils, working in the color laboratory and running the printing machines. At Marimekko, all who participate in the production process are among the best in their own fields.

Marimekko Bags - Spring / Summer 2007
A wide variety of new models and beautiful colors have been added to Marimekko's bag collection, including a delicious pink hue for the Olkalaukku shoulder bag, an all-time favorite designed by Ristomatti Ratia.

Ristomatti Ratia has also created a new line of nylon bags, entitled Roadie, for Marimekko for spring 2007. Ratia and Marimekko have traveled together for over four decades, and it was this journey that provided the inspiration for the new classic bag models.

Mika Piirainen's spring collection features several interesting prints, such as Maija Isola's Päärynä design influenced by the pop art of the 1960s, Katsuji Wakisaka's stylised floral pattern Kiku, and Annika Rimala's colourful and cheerful Petrooli print.

New Marimekko Soft Kivet Rug
Marimekko Kivet Rug

Kivet is one of the most beloved of all classic prints designed by Maija Isola. The wide range of Kivet-patterned Marimekko products has now been complemented by a tufted cotton rug measuring 98 x 60 cm. The luxuriously soft red rug feels wonderful on the feet, and as it is machine washable and has an anti-slip backing, it can also be used in the bathroom.

Marimekko Tuulipuu Bath Towels
The pattern of the Tuulipuu terry towels was designed by Fujiwo Ishimoto in 1991. The subdued colorways – dark grey-black and light grey-white – beautifully accentuate the graphic quality of the pattern. New colorway for the autumn collection is cranberry red-pink.